The fashion of today is highly characterise by corporate culture. we all know lvmh and kering; fashion luxury groups; they are the giants of the market putting in the shadow the most talented of the creative industry that fashion is supposed to be.

Fashion designer part of a vicious circle

Emerging fashion designers to be implemented and respected fashion designers will have no choice but to be recognise by the corporate culture in order to grow and make money. It is as if designers were working for these big companies and making products for their profit. but they impeach  in an indirect way to grow and build a fashion business of their own. We need to take into consideration the impact of big established brands. “nowadays we only talk about people who have fashion shows. The question could be: is a fashion show the best solution for an emerging brand? It is expensive, the schedule is crazy, you need a lot of people. there might be other ways to support a young brand” Jean-pierre blanc.

Fake creative freedom

The big retailers have the real power in the fashion industry, because they stock the best designers according to sales. so designers to be considered in fashion week need to create a collection every 6 month composed of looks and a certain amount of garments. And retailers who are going to buy their products and doble the price are interested in very profitable garments which usualy end up being the easiest and the ones lacking of innovation or creativity. Buyers in the fashion industry have an enormous influence when it comes to deciding which pieces to sell and the at what price. this process is a barrier to innovation and fashion evolution.


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