Promoting individuality, realness, identity and elegance, we will be targeting people that are seeking for experience and that take into consideration their cultural roots and blend them with experiences that influence their “birth identity”. They are strong willed, proud of who they are, and who they want TO BE. They are PROGRESSIVE YOUTHS that are open to culture and thrive to discover. They see beauty in simplicity and in what is consider as ugly by the aesthetical dictat of the 21st century Western World. They value their PERSONAL FREEDOM and the FREEDOM of the OTHERS. They are direct, unafraid, and willing to fight to ASSUME THEIR OWN IDENTITY and ESSENCE. They feel strongly driven by making a CHANGE in today’s SOCIETY. By wearing our collection they promote “GET REAL”. They march to the beat of their own drum, and are always looking on to better things. Their appreciation of fashion is not one that stems from trends but rather from what lies beyond the product. They wear CLASSIC pieces with a MODERN twist and appreciate subtle meanings that go along the way. The New Consumer ; less “EURO” breed of Parisians, who live North and don’t iron their shirts, and whose lifestyle is rooted in the more authentic socialist spirit of France.


They are there, aware and satisfied with their age. early twenties. They are in an European city. They are young, self-conscious, well-informed, fashion insiders. They are spontaneous, carefree, but at the same time mature and conscious, even if they behave in a free way. They are the well-informed, in-club, far away from the necessities of the today’s mass . They have a group of friends that have similar characteristics: they can be photographers, writers, stylists, but they all come from the same community of thinking. They are as self-conscious in their status markers as the Veblenian leisure class, but their status is not stamped with the Chanel logo on cashmere, rather, with “Vetements” in Champion font on sweatshirts. They are successful within their mixed families, made of artists and managers. They all have different point of views, from politics to the way of living: what helped them to be open-minded and build their own identity. However, they remain proud and pretentious of the place where they were born and raised. They do not disdain, but they feel superior and they prove it. They have confused relationship: they prefer to catch the moment spontaneously. They masturbate, they have orgies and they have no limits. But, of course, they create limits when they leave the bedroom. They met their partner in the same social circle they are in, even if usually it is not  something important to them.  They are visionaries and they want to look like it. They feel invincible but they love to suffer. They do not control, they live. They use technology as a tool to show their indifference, even if their social life is active on social media and followed. They don’t care… apparently.


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