Versace was created in 1972, gianni versace designed his first collections for callaghan, genny, and complice. in 1978, the company launched under the name “gianni versace donna”. the first versace boutique was opened in milan’s via della spiga in 1978.


  • elegance: “Some women are elegant with just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Of course, if you have a nice cashmere jacket too, it helps.”
  • originality: “You don’t invent nothing.”
  • supermodels: “The best models, the ones who last, have personality, something inside. The ones who are only beautiful retire pretty fast and marry rich men.”

Ever since the mid-Eighties, when to wear Versace was brazenly to declare yourself a worshipper at the temple of money and sex, his business has grown into a monstrous empire. The hallmark of his clothes, with their garish prints and triangular-torsoed suits, is an overpowering sexuality which, without much imagination, turns men into studs and women into hookers. But they have an exaggerated, almost cartoon glamour that celebrities of the world seem to love. And this has made Versace into probably the most influential designer in the world. He’s on a cultural crusade. He talks about his designs as ‘liberating women’.To wear Versace, according to him, is to be free-thinking, modern, fearless, unfettered by convention Versace sells his clients a whole new life.


Versace found a way to fill the missing fashion in the market. His propose and vision was unique. He created the versace female and male, the archetypes. He was able to transform his creative in profit. He made the name the competitive advantage of the brand. The eccentricity and shock element of his clothes were what enabled the brand to be successful. A sustainable business that is still alive today.


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