Hip Hop was born in the early 1970’s as a youth subculture from the Bronx, NYC. The Hip Hop lifestyle (trend) became more common and famous in the 80’s and 90’s. It was mainly a musical genre, that soon had an impact on fashion, and marked a turning point in fashion history.

It emerged during the prime of disco and soul music. In the 80’s this subculture introduced in fashion sportswear. Brands like Adidas became essential garments for the Hip Hop trend. This trend was born from a subculture representing both the voice of alienated, frustrated youth and an industry, the music industry.

Hip Hop is one of the fastest growing and most influential cultures of the last decades. Since its birth, Hip Hop clothing has changed in a drastic way. What once seemed to be subculture is now part of popular culture and popular clothing. Hip Hop blends, still today, style, culture and music to become a highly influencial industry. Hip Hop is today a trend that can be qualified as a mega trend, that everyone knows and uses in a way or another. It has crossed boundaries, and brands that became known thanks to this subculture, are today mass market brands, making huge profits. The influence of this trend is major, Hip Hop has become more potent and efficient in invigorating black social identity than the civil rights of the 60’s in America. This proves that Hip Hop is a social trend, that influenced and inspired people, from a micro trend to a mega trend nowadays. This subculture and claim ended up having its reflexion on economy by having a commercial emergence.

Hip Hop is the expression of contemporary urban life through gestures, words, and mainly clothing that became symbols of the oppression that a part of society undergoes. Fashion used as a way to express their feelings, place in society, frustrations, hopes and strengths. It is a show-off, pose, extravagant and even flashy trend. One of the main purpose of it being able to show that you are a “warrior” and that you are strong enough to struggle. It is a subculture to which are identified famous rap figures, as P.Diddy, Notorious B.I.G, that became symbols and youth’s idols of the past but still of today. But also fashion designers as Ralph Lauren are representative of this movement, their clothes being a symbol of it.


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