I will explain the added value of the brand.

ISSUE : Business structure is missing, no use of economy of scale to decrease production cost and material cost. We need rationality to meet the creative process in order to come up with a viable output. What can we use as a differentiation, as a competitive advantage?


First of all it is important to note the uniqueness of the brand from a visual but also conceptual point of view. Nasir mazhar offers a logo oriented product with the name NASIR MAZHAR written on a large range of products. This is an important element of the brand that we need to use as a fashion competitive advantage and as well as an awareness increaser. The logo enables the client to easily identify our products but also differentiate from the large variety of products that are on the market. By pushing the logo and “over use” it, it would implement the brand in the fashion market. We are in the right period to use LOGO as a brand builder and identifier, because logo branding is back on trend after a long period of minimalism and discretion.

It creates what we can call the brand fetish customers becoming addicted to that brand feeling, bringing them so close to the brand due to the logo. Whenever wearing the clothes they know they are recognized by the crowd and so identified as a certain type of person. The customer also takes a “look-at-me” kind of attitude that is very contagious and would rapidly spread through the target market.

Logomania – a term coined to emphasise its supposed crassness – we associated the logo with excessive consumerism, tackiness and a lack of taste: the opposite of well-crafted discretion. Its resurgence isn’t just to do with nostalgia. We’re now approaching the logo with a new attitude. Rather than being slaves to a brand, we take ownership.

A model poses at the Nasir Mazhar presentation during London Fashion Week SS14 at TopShop Show Space on September 16, 2013 in London, England.

There is a sense of individuality and particularity into this trend, making the client feel different and identifying to a group/ a generation that doesn’t care about the conventional and fashion rules of our society. Thus Logos can be seen as a wave of modernity in fashion, and that is where NM should be positioned as a brand.

OPPORTUNITY : to implement NM in the fashion market as the only one offering modern and innovative fashion symbolizing THE PEOPLE, the streets in a very personal way. In order to create awareness we would invade the market with the logo, the name and create an hysteria around the brand. But overall implementing NM meaning to settle the brand aim to stay, creating a line that would be a need for young girls, if they need what we sell they directly think of NM. Finally the brand faces a huge opportunity knowing that its competitors are close to inexistant.


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