I studied the brand Nasir Mazhar, and notice the business opportunity of the underwear category of fashion business. His line of underwear could be called Ladies First.

After analysing the womenswear part of the brand we noticed that a lot of importance had been given to the underwear world, which is highly connected to women’s attractiveness and sex appeal. Nasir Mazhar gave a drastic new and fresh dimension to what we all know as LINGERIE OR UNDERWEAR. He added an unconventional dimension to it, by making casual and sexy underwear, but overall what’s even more important is that he created OVERwear, meaning modern feminine lingerie to show, and easy to wear.

  We can also call it a pret-à-porter underwear designs. After analysing this part of the brand, we got to the conclusion that we should use these designs for women as an empowerment of the brand and a commercial opportunity. The brand proposes seasonally few pieces for women, but does not have any carry overs or even a line specialized in WOMENSWEAR, and that is what we would propose for the brand.

The new line is called LADIES FIRST, we would sell a look; the Nasir Mazhar Girl. Our client will find in our line what she needs to complete her look. We sell pieces that completes her own wardrobe emphasizing her individuality. This line is easy to purchase, and commercial from a fashion point of view. We will maintain Nasir Mazhar’s essence and suggest more sellable items, not through changing his designs but more through the brand structure, the production and the exposure to the public.

We are proposing a new strategy not a new/different product. It makes more sense to use the existing products that are already innovative and relevant for the current fashion market.  Our idea would provide a more mainstream product category, accessible to a much larger market segmentation, both in terms of price and of fashion content. Nevertheless we would keep the DNA to be addressed to a niche market, in order to create a stronger IMAGE that would be appealing to the mass market (FOLLOWERS).


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