About Gaelitah

I am Gael, student of Business of Fashion. My posts revolve around fashion and how we perceive it as students. My posts are more related with the business side and how industry insiders transform an idea into reality. The posts are also opinionated it is my vision of the subject.


The content of my blog is things I learn through my experience at Polimoda, regarding the industry. It is not about tips or facts, but through varied themes and subjects of the creative industry I give my personal output and opinion on the matters. I would define my categories as; business, branding, culture, fashion trends and society. There is not really a link between a post and another it is not like a lifestyle or themed blog. It is literally opinions and analysis on a lot of things that happen in fashion but also studied from an “unconventional” point of view. I like also to have strong visuals in order to position myself and so people to be able to understand exactly what kind of opinion I have.


My word press website gaelitah.com targets mainly fashion students of around the world, but also young students that are interested in the creative industries and so want to read about it. I would say that my target audience is very comfortable with technology and especially social media. They are quick to react to new ways of transmitting information. They like to look for the most relevant information in order to be properly updated. They are concerned with the world’s situation but also with its reflection in fashion and arts. They are very curious and ambitious, that makes them be a lot on the internet looking for new stuff to learn about.

They would be attracted by links to magazines such as DAZED AND CONFUSED, WONDERLAND, WWD, VICE, BUSINESS OF FASHION. Their needs is to have an insider’s view on the business to benefit from it in order to be more “educated” or at least “know”. They also want to challenge their creativity in terms of ideas (business, visuals etc), thus they would be attracted to my blog which is a bit unusual in its structure.